Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Still Life with a Bunch of Grapes - Georges Braque

Still Life with a Bunch of Grapes
Georges Braque
Medium: N/A

I chose this piece because I wouldn't recognize the scene unless the grapes weren't obviously depicted, like a lot of cubist art. The muted colors make it seem to be more historical and reminds me a lot of Greek architecture as what I see the grapes resting on looks like a Greeco pedestal, beveled on the stand that supports the platform. I also like the difference between a painting in the same genre of "Still Life," Cezanne's Still Life with Basket of Apples which is a very vivid post-impressionist work.. The figures on the left side of pedestal again remind me of Roman numerals reinforcing my assumption but I could be completely wrong as I don't know French and Braque is from France. It could also be that the grapes are held by a grape vine that is wrapped around a column. 

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