Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blog 9 - The Human Condition

Blue Nude (Souvenir de Biskra)
Henri Matisse
Oil on Canvas
Matisse painted the nude when a sculpture of his he was working on shattered. He later finished the sculpture and titled it Reclining Nude I. It was burned in effigy at the 1913 New York Armory Show and influenced Pablo Picasso, partially motivating him to finish Les Demoiselles D'Avignon. I chose this piece because of its surrealist nature and how my opinion changed after looking at it. I like that the cold woman is surrounded by the warmth of nature, usually sex is portrayed as being hot and fervent with warm colors. The cool colors originally made me think this was a woman in her element and not attempting to be enticing but as I look more she is trying to tease, legs crossed, arm up, turned towards and looking at the audience. 

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