Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog #6 The Yellow Christ

      The Yellow Christ was painted in 1889 by Paul Gauguin and was oil on canvas. I chose this because of what the image is depicting, Jesus being crucified and I like the bright colors and the background giving it an impressionist style. Some believe that the artist made this painting of Christ on the cross as a self-portrait.  This depiction of the male artist as a superior being is a way of showing that he is an independent man and this image had a deep meaning.


This piece by Marc Chagall is called Calvary Christus gewidmet. It is an oil on canvas painting made in 1912. It  is a painting dedicated to Christs crucifixion. This paint to me resembles both prayer because people are gathering at the foot of the cross praying for Christ.  This painting by chagall is abstract, but it also has a subject point, we know what the painting is about, unlike most abstract paintings.

Prayer Before the Meal

I chose prayer before the meal by Vincent Van Gogh.  It is a pencil drawing of his from 1882, I like the use of contrast in this photo and its subject matter.  The lone sum man prays before eating his meal and it represents one of the most basic forms of prayer, to be grateful for the food we are given and the life it gives us. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This is a 60s apocalyptic depicting the oppression of the African Americans, Vietnam war, death of Janice Joplin and the assassination os JFK, bobby kennedy and Martin Luther King jr. I like this collage because it shows what the world was going through during the 60's.

picasso- guitar

Because the term collage was helped coined by Picasso in the beginning of the 20th centurty when collage became a distinctive part of modern art, I wanted to do a Picasso collage.
I like this collage because it's a start to the movement. You can tell what is being shown in the collage, an abstract guitar figure made out of  wallpaper, charcoal, pencil, and colored paper.

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973)


CĂ©ret, spring 1913
Cut-and-pasted newspaper, wallpaper, paper, ink, chalk, charcoal, and pencil on colored paper
26 1/8 x 19 1/2" (66.4 x 49.6 cm)
Credit Line:
Nelson A. Rockefeller Bequest
MoMA Number:
© 2015 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Last Birds and Flowers-Kurt Schwitters 1946

Kurt Schwitters uses found everyday objects such as labels, letters, tickets, fabric bits and wooden pieces to put his collages together. This piece of art is said to be reflecting British life. I really like the idea of putting these types of found objects together, as they don't all go together, yet they tend to work as a whole, and it makes sense all together. He is now seen as the grandfather of many post-1945 art movements, from pop art to conceptual, installation and performance art.

Fine Art Collage

Kurt Schwitters, "Revolving"

This collage was made by Kurt Schwitters in 1919. It is made out of wood, metal, cord, cardboard, wool, wire, leather, and oil on canvas. The amount of materials he used for this collage intrigued me, and the way he meshed them all together. I also like his use of the cord, wire, and hoops to form lines and shapes. He said the use of worn, or broken things, was to reflect a society that was shattered by World War 1. 

Collage for 'Patio and Pavilion'

Nigel Henderson.Collage for 'Patio and Pavilion' (the growth of plant forms)
1956. Printed and painted paper on wood.

I choose this collage because while there are still many elements it is somewhat simpler than many other collages. There are only a few colors being used and while they are made up of many interesting things there are only a few “flowers”. The parts that make up the flowers are interesting; they all seem to give the illusion of a different texture. After doing more research about this collage and the artist, I found that in 1938, Henderson exhibited several of his collages at the Guggenheim Jeune alongside many other artists including Picasso, although I am not sure if this was one of them.

Head of Joe Barnes

This collage was made by artist Chambliss Giobbi and is a collage "portrait" of Joe Barnes. The title of the artwork is Head of Joe Barnes. The medium is beeswax on aluminum. In order to create such a collage portrait, Giobbi take up to 300 images of the individual from different perspectives. He will either enlarge them or zoom out of them, and then cut each piece out and place them on aluminum panel. Lastly, Giobbi covers the entirety with a thin layer of beeswax to keep them in place.

Fine art collage

Family Portrait 
Mixed Media Collage
By Bonnie Siracusa 

I choose this collage by Bonnie Siracusa, because I thought it was interesting that she choose so many cut outs of people and faces that make a scene that makes sense and has this psychedelic feel to it. Even though this collage does not have any word clippings, you can still understand what the artist was trying to portray in this piece. Most of her work is consistently mural work which is done on walls of buildings, bedroom walls and on flat wall surfaces. This stood out to me through look at her work. 


Robert Rauschenberg
Space, Tribute 21
I don't like collaging, I think it usually looks messy and cluttered, but I found this one to be interesting and simple. I like the simplicity of the concept (space), and even though each piece has been cut and matched up together, it still makes sense as a whole. I also like how it looks worn in the corners, giving it an old feel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fine Art Collage Post #5

I chose Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany  by Hannah Hoch, 1919, fine art collage because it is tied to Dada in post-World War II Germanic culture and its caricatures of people. It's nonsensical nature is reminiscent of Dada in a visual pictorial format. Since it's sepia tone it conveys a feeling of indirection and political upheaval after the war. Everyone in the collage I assume is an important figure of Germany at the time and Dada is used to mock them directly instead of the larger global situation as previous Dadaists did, Dada assaults the crumbling Weimar government in the collage. The assaults won't stop until the Weimar era is defeated. I also particularly enjoyed the image of the giant gear that seems gritty or laborious. 

Fine Art Collage

By Billy Shire

It had no name. There was honestly no information about it but it definitely caught my attention. 

Fine Art Collage

Pablo Picasso
cut and pasted colored paper, gouache and charcoal on paperboard
 The half-circle drawn in charcoal can be read as the profile of a head. The small circle and diagonal line with arc represent an eye and nose. The pasted-on elements represent the face, hair and neck. I thought that this was an interesting view on a human head in this form.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fine Art Collage

This fine art collage called Siphon, Glass, Newspaper and Violin was made by Pablo Picasso in 1912. It was made of cut-and-pasted newspaper, hand-painted faux bois paper, paper, and charcoal. I like it because of the objects that are being portrayed. He focused on two guitars in this collage because that is what he was going for during that revolutionary time period. He took just the right amount of newspaper to use for his background which made it look perfect and unique.

Fine Art Collage

This collage was created by Pablo Picasso.  It is called "Guitar" and it is made out of newspaper, wallpaper, paper, ink, chalk, charcoal, and pencil on colored paper.  This collage shows many different shapes and patterns.  I like how all of the pieces were assembled together.  I also like the very simple neutral colors that are seen.  I chose this collage because it is different and difficult to tell what it is supposed to be.

John McHale, 1962

I chose this fine art collage by John Mchale. I like this piece for its overall feel and tone. I also like how he is showcasing Kennedy in a astronaut suit but in a slightly abstract way. All the parts and pieces come together to portray the exhilaration of the tome period and the excitement around venturing to the moon.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Post 5 Peacock Room

Peacock Room by James McNeill Whistley. 1876-77

The peacock room was originally a dining room in a townhouse in London. It is now a room with 250 ceramic pieces. I enjoy the way the blue and the gold complement each other in this painting. The art is very detailed and in the back there is a focal point of the painting. The focal point is actually another painting by James McNeill Whistler called Rose and Silver: The Princess from the Land of Porcelain. He used architecture and fine arts inspired by japanese interiors. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sound Poem

kjcnrdkcknrkdbncdwlaiqkxmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnakcdjhdsjakuwhdnkxam;alok:LZsl;wokoirjsnfjsdkc njskijmlfrdmg., mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,jdnhshfubhsnkeihufbkdsuhfueiwiowjqdhbcbmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnchbcgxnskdjncs d

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sound Poem

Ardas paye, amar das guru, amar das guru. 

eypa mar urug ram das guru

Suche sahe;

Ek ong kar, sat nam 

Karta purkh, nirbhao, nirvair

Jugad hucs, Hebah nanak

Wahe chiro, dev prenol 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sound Poem

Sound poem





















Dada poem

Dvil nor ing erb ne chi
An aund us ug
Ans ort ou
Ars up lyon ods ide
Ch ahg ire char di

Ish nor ohm uck nihook

sound poem

MMMMM ba ba ba

Gam DA

Ion ape onog


Ada ay un ara

Raaaa da


TARIES tatta

Ambria oday mal

Bahata tali

Ooooook ula oom

Fem ed eeek

Pognat util un


ve ou ver be so n ve wi meo ha t hysi pa ou
ark akes m eel eak, e und, e orts, bu e ver ree housan iles aay.
Te s an ean sep us, bu meti eel ike e s i ere wi e. 
N ot ti, I ca eel ch on o hose iles sep us.
I wa not mo han is fect, bu e ives t aay lie ah lop.
E s a pri n e eats ver gi ike a een. I wa im t eat m n o m ike a een.
Ow I ko hy gi ike ad bo.

Dada Poem

Dreds fo mages dah moc febore

tub siths noe neamt a letti rom

tombot inne, het mage swa giht

het diwn swa woblie tou ath gihn

sih citchp klawed het sabes luff

wot psets girth eh yepla het lupp

het tabber wuns dna ith ahots

sirft teps cabk kiel eh swa gaught

ainle ridve wasrd het ninwar cartk

Sound Poem

  Sound Poem

Nue Mer Ose Lor Ak Un Da
Nal Tec Lif Et Ure Ity Fo Ye
Eas Kwa Stra Ves Heir Ight Fa

Fra Erf Shi Ju Ge Las Coo Ner
Ush Ger Ut Ents Tur Wit Ta Ve 
Er Ot Wa Pi Ong Ith Sa Lo

Der Alk Om Rea Mar Ig Ar
Sha Rus Bis Ing Fak Sho Gin
Si Mal Anz Per Ost Ach Cha Sol Fer


Ses tul ful ed sy
Ti re ro flow me
Ses gra unf tu be
Ti tu ed es wer see

Pin gre yell ip ro
We es ell ink so
Pin ca coo ik mo
We sha go es cho

Ses tal ki oh pay

Ti cha co ip lay

Sound Poem

Sound Poem

alw An wa ays se a d ro s.
ut ow es th go eo n th B e ry
ap ’s  ose, t a Th ple r at he
o’s ar an th An pe d s e I d s,
pl ppo su e um, I se. Th
T ly ows de on ar kn he
at xt ro Wh ll ove ne a wi pr se.
of re ose urse, Yo co u, a r a
                                                             re a se. t ys we ro wa Bu al

Kimberly Sanguinedo

Sound Poem

Sound Poem

Frayin yast hurra ust

Pru ditri grat nifta plitums

Du boit si humma yee

Walla wamma hmm bah

Shi loi yama hejor yormay

Kolo kolo tum yah batsa

Dulo centi pora pew

Fal lotsu lum nassey

Resh frebrema plutoom ay

Saltam treyor tietta kulu taymay

Sound Poem


le kee anc ry
aw ym ag an
ng ti nit tel
ow wer ra es
wa od ei ish
od ore sul cem
las dy vie af
pe ag ip ry op

Sound Poem

Sound Poem

al fal ah cah jah
mi yi di dah so
zee coo bah din
pra zet yad li kew
nil var sen riz hef
er tu mik sul ko
gry ta jux fra qi
ty lif rex gim ol

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dada Poem

Don cou rown lea
Ick ting ver ow
Hing wro vated asi
Sha doe sav holi
Iring acle sage lieve
Visi tep ack amp
Ding oth iffe otten
Erdo trol trug lence
Anged eel roud ight
Ki oul eep lug volt

Sound Poem

ere re ose ut io
ther ar se hout sh
er r os witho spec
th re tho t ence
ere re ose ut reth

Ere re ose ith emor

Ere re ose ut ot bu w an ontro selv

Dada Poem

Dema camo sit pleref accema

Bedep mar byo sit emawi frirequs

Singresday hade pom murchurch

Mai ref punhoui punasee chaccoby

Steduded puster ests frunt seniled

Decineo sturb yolinga naffa

illill ilcean yoth!

Sound Poem

Ax emi mel bify

Ery bur fec som 

Ter bilers lefi 

Selir mx teri lom 

Oey jan chos phfi 

Molser besat tesom 

Neni belri dus nesi 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sound Poem

Gnaghin uto hindeb eht

lubc eno eht ewkeend

Nicgta pituds tiegni kunrd 

tiwh emy sebt rinedfs

A duolcnt iawt ofr uto 

ermusm nod uato Perdaw 

urot A mebrema tasi uto risft 

miet ahtt A aws erho rethe

Sound Poem

Ake pu ber ven wo ou yan

chun und noa glin sto vin rus

nod rae wa ou vae ot yas

nam ros teg et ay

nad na won

rel mec ti ne loo ou te yee ad

yas lod ou os

nad mep ou si, roe nog sim em sim em