Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Modern Migration of the Spirit

Modern Migration of the Spirit 

Jose Clemente Orozco 

I chose this photo by Jose Clemente Orozco which was part of the Panel, from the Gods of the Modern World Series, because the man in the center is a symbol of Jesus who was crucified for spreading his beliefs in christianity during his time.  Although his tragic death represented the epic and gruesome events that lead to him being nailed to the cross for all to see because of his beliefs and religious purpose. This photo show triumph that he escaped the cross  and shows him as being authority figure in the painting. The yellow and orange tone of Jesus makes his distinct and stand out while the torn down city in the back also has refined detail that helps create a background that represents death and darkness. Orozco was a  artist from Mexico, during the  late 1880's and 1940's. His form of style came from s spirit of  expressionists and consisted of El Greco. 

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