Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This Chuck Close painting of Brad Pitt blows me away. The way he uses shades of gray to mimic skin tone is fantastic. I'm also impressed with the size of this painting and the amount of time and effort it takes to paint anything to this scale, let alone a spitting image. I also enjoy how well Chuck puts the focus on and takes the focus off other areas. From experience, I find it very difficult to make a painting out of focus.

Chuck Close

Chuck Close
This is actually a finger painting by Chuck Close. I admire these the most because i think its incredible how he adds so much detail to a painting by just using his fingers. I also like that it is in black and white, because i feel that it looks more authentic.

Lorna- Chuck Close

This work Lorna by Chuck Close looks so much like a black and white photo it's astounding. The medium is jacquard tapestry. Close completed this work in 2006. What really drew me to this piece was not only how real it looks, but also how the use of shading draws the viewers attention to the face. The face as well as the woman's expression is very detailed in nature, while the rest of her; the neck, chest area and hair, are blurred. 

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I chose Emma by Chuck Close.  When I was looking at a lot of his works this one stuck out to me because the baby looked very happy.  The look on Emma's face is what drew me to this work of art.  I think Close's style and talent is amazing, even through everything he has been through in his personal life he still creates phenomenal works of art.


Chuck Close. Leslie/Watercolor. 1972. 
Water color on paper canvas.

When I first looked at this painting, I thought it was a photograph. It looks like it was taken from a camera, with a soft focus. The detail of the woman’s face is amazing, the shadows, her hair, her eyelashes, the lines on her lips are so precise. I was amazed to find that it is actually a watercolor painting.

Chuck Close

I chose this painting, Lucas II because I really like his more colorful and painterly style. Here he is going beyond the hyper reality of his earlier works and elaborates on his interpretation of the act of perception. He's breaking down the visuals into different portions of colors. I especially like the circle background that he has created.

Emma-Chuck Close

I liked this chuck close the most out of the ones i saw, i like his use of colors that you can still see individual squares when you look closer but as a whole it is just a happy painting. This is a woodcut print based on a painting in Close's late signature style. Chuck spent three months on the painting; master printer Yasu Shibata spent two years carving 27 wodblocks to print 113 colors 132 times to make each print.