Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chuck Close Blog

Chuck Close
Bige Self-Portrait. 1967-'68
Acrylic on Canvas
I chose this piece by Chuck Close because of its hyper realistic nature. I would have never known that it was a painting until I saw the hair on his head which is a little blurred but that could be confused as film imperfections on 35 mm. I am highly impressed with the level of detail, The portion we saw in the feature piece showed the detail of the hairs on his face and I was stunned by his attention to minutia, the equivalent to reaching perfect pitch. The reflection in his glasses is absolutely stunning and really is the main draw for me because of how hyper realistic it was. Hyper realism is the realistic painting to the extreme that happened at the end of the '60s against the '50s abstractionism, taking people and then turning them into cartoons which would happen a lot for pinups. The point of this hyper realism is a part of the "no brush-stroke" movement where there should be no trace of brush-strokes.

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