Monday, April 13, 2015

Christ's entry into Jerusalem

Christ's entry into Jerusalem - 1920
Oil on Canvas
Stanley Spencer

I choose this photo "Christ's entry into Jerusalem" by Stanley Spencer because it depicts one the the 4 ideas of Prayer, Study, Service, and Community. I like how the artist use neutral colors such as pink tones , white and blue for his main choice in color. Spencer used the painting style of fauz-naif", which was often compared to the work of William Blake. The picture has a modern appeal to me however I am not sure why everyone looks they are scared of Jesus. Possibly because they are non believers of him or maybe because they knew they would be in trouble if they where seen with Jesus. In any case this picture seems a but controversial, since Jesus was a sign of spirituality and peace, who helped people before being crucified. Unless the photo was suppose to depict Jesus as being resurrected and the people are shocked and afraid that he's alive. Th people have o expression or detailed faces, however there body language does all the talking.

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