Monday, February 9, 2015

Women Fishing by George Seurat

Women Fishing
By George Seurat

I choose this art piece "Women Fishing" a Conte' Crayon, by George Seurat because the way that he uses black and white in the picture makes an interesting contrast. He uses a "Velvety depth and richness in the blacks, grays and white". (Sam hunter, John Jacobus, Daniel Wheeler. 2004) You can also see this photo at the Metro Museum of Art in NYC. In a way this picture doesn't show much going on in the actual background of the piece but has this glow to it. It was odd to see a women fish during that era, since men where generally the food gathering for the household.  However the interesting part is, she look s like a women with higher class status based on her wardrobe. Which you wouldn't see someone in that class doing such a task as "fishing. This art piece is showing to be on the darker side and less friendly to the eye. His work is different then other famous artist during the mid 1880's because he used a techniques in his work that created a texture within the way he used the colors and painted in a "Broomswept" stroke and broad hatchings, which build more depth. His subjects where based on the laboring classes which shows opposite in this piece. 

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