Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The City By Fernand Leger

The City 1919
Oil on Canvas
By Fernand Leger 

I chose this photo as a modern art piece, because the techniques used of Leger are very clean cut. There's  this modern look based on all the shapes he used to form this city scene. It has an abstract look that makes the viewers take a second look to really appreciate the fine lines Leger used. He uses tools that create  perfect straight lines and semi round shapes that create a painting that is on architectural style rather then freestyle of objects and shapes. He was known for analytic cubism for his style of work. The color choices he uses complement each other with the red, green, yellows and blue. The shapes he uses make it hard to understand what the photo was unless you read the title of it before hand. I would see this in a house today that was either built by Frank Lloyd Wright, which was a famous architect who formed houses and buildings that used perfect straight lines and geometric shapes. 

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