Thursday, February 5, 2015

Water Lillie Sunset By Claude Monet

                                                 Water Lilies Sunset By Claude Monet (1914)
                                                                            Oil on canvas

I usually enjoy Monet's work because he uses a technique that is more modern approach, and uses multiple strokes of bold colors that make his paintings have this illusions of a scene that is realistic but his approach to the colors used to create this enhanced everyday scene. When you look up close to this painting, you cannot recognize what it is, however when you zoom out the painting you can see what it was suppose to be. Monet was a impressionist painter, which he used real life scenes and place an abstract technique to make them have a surreal feel, even though the paintings where not easy to recognize. A lot of artist back in this time period created paintings off of everyday life, however the way they uses the brush techniques and color usage distinguishes them from one another. 

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