Wednesday, February 25, 2015

End of the Number
Pablo Picasso
Pastel on canvas
I chose this piece because I specifically like the definition that is accompanied with her face as opposed to rest of the etch. Everything surrounding her head is blurred or out of focus except for her digits which are clearly defined on her breast and dress. She appears to be intrigued, shocked or even aroused. It also is another style that is more realist than what we traditionally view Picasso as which is more for his surrealism and to a lesser extent his cubism. I enjoy the contrast between the bright colors of her gown, the light tone of her skin, and the cloudy, blue sky. She is surrounded by darkness on either sides of her but she is an oasis of color. Even the bright red of her lipstick and the brown of her eyebrows do well to accentuate her eyes. The splash of color which is her is not overemphasized as she would be if she had blonde hair.

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